efax, email fax service to replace fax server
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Enable email with eFax function



fax cloud 雲端傳真


We provide Corporations with fax function 

▪ No need to install any software or hardware

▪ No user learning curve

▪ Use any email address to receive & send fax

▪ Receive & send fax just like email

▪ Unified fax messages in email box



▪ 無需安裝任何軟件或硬件
▪ 不用安裝上網、不用學習
▪ 使用任何電子郵件地址來接收和發送傳真
▪ 就像電子郵件一樣接收和發送傳真
▪ 統一傳真文件在電子郵箱內




For corporate faxing needs, AbbaFax offers high volume cater for corporate email users and corporate application system.   


Staff can directly receive & send fax from their mailbox no matter they are resided on Exchange, Domino or other email server.


Applications such as ERP, CRM, Billing, PO, BOL can enable with fax feature easily.



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對於企業的傳真需求,AbbaFax 提供高容量的傳真服務給企業電郵用戶和企業應用系統。企業可以節省傳真服務器的購買安裝資金、運行和維護成本。