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Virtual Fax Server Solution for Corporate Faxing




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100% Fax Outsourcing


AbbaFax world-class fax messaging solutions offers you:


Desktop Faxing – users send and receive faxes directly within their email account, increasing productivity by enabling users to “fax right at the desk”.


Application Faxing – systems generated documents such as invoice, po, bill of ladings, statement can be delivered by fax without any complicated integration programming.


Easy to implement – nothing need to be installed nor purchased. All you need to do is subscribing AbbaFax fax service and register with us the email accounts which need fax function.


No user training is needed – AbbaFax offers users to send & receive fax the same way they handle email messaging, no software knowledge is needed.


Reduce your fax server costs by up to 80%

Cloud-based fax services enable corporate applications with fax function, automate user fax messaging, improve productivity, and reduce cycle times while eliminating the costs and complexity of managing your own fax server.



Although business communication technologies evolve rapidly, fax still remains a vital means of conducting business with your customers, partners and vendors. But in too many companies, the use of fax servers has become a burden, draining the IT budget and impacting the bottom line.



For those corporations who want to eliminate in-house fax server, AbbaFax could be a cost effective alternative.  With AbbaFax’s fully outsourced fax service, you can reduce fax messaging costs up to 80% by eliminating the cost management complexity, and hardware cost associated with supporting fax machines, servers; reduce end-user support cost.



What does this mean for you?

Simply put, you can send and receive faxes as you normally would, but eliminate the need for and cost of managing phone lines, fax boards, fax software or any other connection method for your fax server.

This is the perfect option for organizations that want to remove the complexity of integrating network with their fax server software. No resources are needed to monitor or maintain the fax server – AbbaFax is a hassle-free solution for any organization.

Benefits of AbbaFax

All types and sizes of organizations will benefit from a deployment using AbbaFax without fax server. When resources are scarce, AbbaFax saves time, removes hassle and frees up other valued resources by providing benefits unique to this deployment method.

Eliminate costly telephone lines, fax boards, fax software, computer hardware by sending and receiving faxes via the cloud.

Remove the complexity of installing, managing and maintaining fax server.

Send faxes without a fax number – you don’t need a fax number to send, only to receive.

Only pay subscription fee to enable corporation with fax function – maintain affordable, predictable costs.  Provide greater visibility to actual operational expense of faxing.








桌面傳真 - 用戶直接在他們的電子郵件帳戶發送和接收傳真,提高工作效率,使用戶可以在辦公桌上傳真。


應用傳真 - 系統產生的文件如發票、採購訂單、提單、帳單,可以通過傳真傳送無需任何複雜的編程安裝。


易於實施 - 不需安裝、不用購買。你需要的是在AbbaFax註冊需要傳真功能的電子郵件帳戶。



不需用戶培訓 - AbbaFax為用戶提供以處理電子郵件的同樣方式發送和接收傳真。




AbbaFax 基於雲計算的傳真服務,付與企業應用系統傳真功能電郵用戶傳真無紙化,提高生產效率,減少週期時間,同時消除了管理傳真伺服器的成本和複雜性。




















AbbaFax 優點







■若只發送傳真, 你不需任何傳真號碼

■僅支付訂閱費便可使公司擁有傳真功能 。可預測的成本,提供可視性更大的傳真運作費用。























Tel: +852-2836-3131 Fax: +852-28329608 Web: www.citifax.com.hk